EW Talks & Previews Stephen Colber’s Tek Jansen!

The fine folks over at Entertainment Weekly have given readers an exclusive look at the first issue of Stephen Colbert’s Tek Jansen! As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a chat with a couple of Tek Jansen’s comic book scribes!Check it out: First Look!

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12 Reasons’ Joëlle Jones Nominated for Friends of Lulu Award!

Joëlle Jones, the artist of last year’s critically acclaimed graphic novel 12 Reasons Why I Love Her, has been nominated for the “Kim Yale Award for Best New Female Talent“! Congrats to Joëlle and the rest of the nominees! You … Continue reading

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Templesmith shares Wasteland cover sneak peak and process

The unbelievably gifted Ben Templesmith recently shared his eleventh Wasteland cover with readers of his Live Journal. You can get a look here. After your done gawking at its beauty and charm, you should give his next post a gander … Continue reading

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WonderCon Interlude: Random Scott Pilgrim Fan Reviews Hot Fuzz

On Saturday night, Randy and I were lucky enough to get the opportunity to see a preview screening of director Edgar Wright’s new fantastic new film Hot Fuzz. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Wright, he’s the director of … Continue reading

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Rucka & Lieber talk Thaw

As reported on CBR, Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber are returning to the Ice one last time to tell the final story of Carrie Stetko and cap their Eisner Award-winning Whiteout trilogy. Both Greg and Steve talk to ComicBookResources about … Continue reading

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A Convention Behind Us, A Convention Ahead.

Yeah, yeah. I know I kept promising a more detailed run-down of Oni’s New York adventure and you’ve been dutifully checking the site, only to be disappointed again and again. Well, it’s been tough to find time where I haven’t … Continue reading

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NYCC Day 2: I am old and broken.

(apologies to Mr. Sinatra, may he rest in peace) When I was twenty-four It was a very good year It was a very good year for comic-cons And long drunken nights We’d drink ’til they turned out the lights And … Continue reading

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NYCC Day 1 Preview: Stephen Colbert Rocks the House

It’s almost 2 AM in New York and Randy already has his hair in curlers and his avacado face mask on. I should probably be getting some rest, but before I hit the hay, I had to let the Oni … Continue reading

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Off to NYC!

Young Douglas and Oni intern Jill are officially holding down Fort Oni. Randy and I are waiting for our red-eye flight out of Portland and we’re both antsy as heck to get to the show and get this weekend started! … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart’s Apocalipstix

Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart’s new Oni graphic novel is coming along better than I could have ever dreamed! Ray’s script is a blast and when I first saw Cameron’s pencils, I almost needed to change my pants. The Apocalipstix … Continue reading

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