Steve Lieber interviewed about the film adaptation for Whiteout!

The movie adaptation of the graphic novel Whiteout opens tomorrow. Artist Steve Lieber, who illustrated the comic written by Greg Rucka, was kind enough to answer some questions about how the two different media versions of the story compare.


When Whiteout was first being published, did you envision it in another medium as well?

STEVE LIEBER: Back when I first read the comics script, Whiteout struck me as very likely to get other-media interest. It works as a movie, obviously. It could work as a prose novel — it would even work well on stage. It’s a really compelling story, and it has such an unusual setting.

How did the movie deal come about?

STEVE LIEBER: My understanding is that both Joel Silver and Dominic Sena had been interested in the GN since they first read it, back when it originally came out. After Reese Witherspoon’s option on it lapsed, Silver’s company contacted Greg Rucka’s representatives, and it moved very quickly from there.

How much have you been involved in the filming? Did you get to visit the set or offer any input?

STEVE LIEBER: I visited the set, but that was way, way too far into the production for me to be pulling out a pencil. The filmmakers had 200 pages of my artwork — something like 1500 panels — to comb through for visual ideas. For a movie this size, that was plenty. There’s going to be a feature on the dvd that does lots of panel to screen comparisons.

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Whiteout now has a poster and a trailer!

A poster and trailer are now available for the upcoming feature film adaptation of Whiteout. Click on the above poster for more images from the film. Click here for the trailer!

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New website for the Whiteout film is live!

The website for the upcoming feature film version of Whiteout is online! Click on the image above for the site and the first trailer!

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New Poster for Greg Rucka’s WHITEOUT!

Discuss this book with the creators at the Oni Press Forums

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Greg Rucka LIVE!

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New movie poster for Whiteout

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Rucka & Lieber talk Thaw

As reported on CBR, Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber are returning to the Ice one last time to tell the final story of Carrie Stetko and cap their Eisner Award-winning Whiteout trilogy. Both Greg and Steve talk to ComicBookResources about … Continue reading

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Whiteout feature film with Kate Beckinsale & Dominic Sena to direct!

From today’s Variety: Sena to direct ‘Whiteout’ Action-thriller is first Dark Castle film By Pamela McClintock Dominic Sena will direct Kate Beckinsale in action-thriller “Whiteout,” the first movie to go into production under Joel Silver’s new Dark Castle Entertainment genre … Continue reading

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