Out this week from Oni Press – 1/25/12

Polly & the Pirates, vol. 2: Mystery of the Dragonfish

Writer: Ted Naifeh

Artist: Robbi Rodriguez

Polly Pringle reunites with her pirate crew at long last! Honor-bound to rescue Emperor Norton from his unfair imprisonment, Polly escapes her cozy boarding school and returns to the high seas! But Polly and the Emperor have stumbled onto the fiendish plot of a foreign power, which endangers not only their own lives, but everyone in the Americas!

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: Y (Youth)

Diamond™ Order Code: OCT111182
ISBN: 978-1-934964-73-6

The Sixth Gun #18

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Brian Hurtt

Colorist: Bill Crabtree

“A Town Called Penance pt. 1″

On a night of blood and gunfire, Drake Sinclair vanished without a trace. Becky Montcrief has set out to find him. Little does she know that Drake has fallen into the hands of a sinister cult that has no intention of giving him up. As a mysterious figure rides into a dusty town, the latest chapter of our tale of gunfighters and black magic begins to unfold!

Format: Single, Standard
Content Rating: T (Teen)

Diamond™ Order Code: NOV111071

The Sixth Gun #18 is also available to download now on Comixology.

Spontaneous HC

Writer: Joe Harris

Artist: Brett Weldele

Phenomenon, conspiracy or delusion? “Kelvin” Melvin Reyes was only three years old when Spontaneous Human Combustion took his father from him. He’s since devoted his life to exploring the mystery behind the phenomenon, searching for a pattern and predictors that he might save others from that same fiery fate. But the closer he gets to his goal, the further things lead down a well of secrets, horrors and terrible truths. Is SHC real? And, if so, can it be stopped?

Format: Trade (Collection), Hardcover
Content Rating: T+ (Teen Plus)

Diamond™ Order Code: OCT111183
ISBN: 978-1-934964-74-3

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Newsarama interviews Ted Naifeh about his new website.

The good folks over at Blog@Newsarama have just posted a nice interview with Ted about his new website. Click on the above image for 2.0!

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