Out this week from Oni Press – 4/25/12

Play Ball

Writers: Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir

Artist: Jackie Lewis

Most girls, when they get to a new school, just want to fit in. But Dashiell Brody isn’t like most girls. A natural at softball, Dashiell discovers her new school has a championship level baseball team, and Dashiell want to play ball. one girl’s quest to play the national pastime with the boys will turn her family, her school, and her state upside down.

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Hardcover
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Diamond™ Order Code: DEC111156
ISBN: 978-1-934964-79-8


Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Brian Hurtt w/ Tyler Crook

Colorist: Bill Crabtree

Traveling by secret railroad, Becky and Drake accompany an order of mysterious monks on a quest to bury General Hume”s body on holy ground. But malevolent forces spurred by a sinister necromancer stage a terrifying attack on the train—Drake vanishes without a trace. Alone, Becky continues her journey to a secluded mountain fortress where she discovers how deeply her fate is entwined with that of The Sixth Gun. Meanwhile, Gord revisits a haunted mansion from his past hoping to discover a means to destroy the Six, but the ghosts he stirs have no intention of letting his quest continue.

Format: Trade (Collection), Standard
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Diamond™ Order Code: DEC111153
ISBN: 978-1-934964-78-1


Don’t forget, Oni Press comics are now day and date digital. Both of the comics above are available now at the Oni Press store on Comixology. In addition, we are adding older titles every week. This week: Spell Checkers, vol. 2!

Spell Checkers, vol. 2: Sons of a Preacher Man

Writer: Jamie S. Rich

Artists: Nicolas Hitori de, Joëlle Jones

There are two new kids at school. Twin brothers–one straight-laced and buttoned-up, the other a rebel in a leather jacket–and they’ve transferred in with trouble for the Spell Checkers. Jesse finds romance, but for Cynthia, it’s rivalry. She and the good brother compete for student body president, while Kimmie tries to find out who murdered the last one. Dark magic is afoot, as well as dark humor, in the second mystical volume of Oni’s latest hit series.

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: T (Teen)

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