Rick and Phil Hour! Episode 19: Brainwave Tangos LIVE @ 9PM EST ONLY ON THE ONI PRESS BLOG!

We’re going to rock the Cover-It-Live system again tonight.  Rock it like dragon riding internet demi-gods.

And what do dragon riding internet demi-gods do?

We pick works of fiction that have heavily inspired us and discuss the hell out of them!  Verily, that is the form our rocking takes!

So tonight, Rick will be discussing Blade Runner and the ways in which everyone’s favorite replicant hunter influenced his style, tastes and Spinner driving.

And Phil will be chatting about the series of novellas known as Viriconium and the way his deep rooted desire to live in a dying fantasy city has made him who he is today.

Watch in awe as our dragons clash, our shields clang and our manly hands engage in epic level chat room slap fights!

9 pm est.

And for those unaware of what Blade Runner is.  And those unaware of what Viriconium is.

And for those unaware what Rocking is.

That is all.

Wanna catch up on the Episodes you missed? You should!

Find all the Episodes of the Rick & Phil Hour archived on the Oni Press Forums!

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