Preview of Free Comic Book Day’s RESURRECTION #0!

Here is a free sneak peak at Oni Press’s 2009 Free Comic Book Day offering, RESURRECTION #0!

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The Rick and Phil Hour! Ep. 23 – Panic at the Disco

When Hell is over crowded. When the warring super powers start smashing the big red buttons. When the birds in the sky swoop down ridden with disease. When the black riders of chaos and discord trample your rose gardens! WHEN … Continue reading

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Oni Press – Solicited Books for July ‘09

Festering Romance by Renee Lott Book Description 20 year-old college student Janet lives a quiet life in with her spectral roommate Paul. And the more she tries to withdraw, the more the world pushes back. Freya, Janet’s pushy friend, is … Continue reading

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Rick Lacy shows off the cover to Labor Days Vol. 2

Over on the Labor Days blog, artist Rick Lacy posted an inked cover for Volume 2! Here’s Rick: “The inks for the cover of Labor Days Volume 2 are done. This coming week I’ll start to knock out the colors … Continue reading

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Lars Brown interview about North World!

The Pulse has posted a nice interview with Lars Brown about his North World webcomic and series of graphic novels. THE PULSE: What is North World? Is it a land inhabited by polar bears, elves and ice creatures? Because judging … Continue reading

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Here is a mockup of the YOU HAVE KILLED ME Hardcover!

Don’t forget to check out the 36 page preview of You Have Killed Me! Talk to the creators about the book at the Oni Press Forums!

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Unshelved Gets Pilgrimy With First Second

First Second Books Editorial Director Marc Siegel got his hands on a copy of SCOTT PILGRIM recently. Apparently he’s a big fan. So much so that he decided to review the books in comic form! The good folk at Unshelved … Continue reading

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Marc Guggenheim talks to CBR TV about RESURRECTION, his hit mini that’s about to become the first full-color ongoing series at Oni Press! From Comic Book Resources In this exclusive on-camera interview, Guggenheim discusses his fascination with post-apocalyptic stories, the … Continue reading

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The Rick and Phil Hour! Ep. 22 – Slaying the Loux Dragon! LIVE @ 9PM EST ONLY ON THE ONI PRESS BLOG

Tonight will be our second Interview episode and this time we’re turning our intense, hypnotizing gaze upon fellow Oni creator Matt Loux, the brain and the fingers behind such titles as SIDESCROLLERS and SALT WATER TAFFY. He’s a top-notch talent … Continue reading

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Matthew Loux’s hit all ages comic series SALT WATER TAFFY goes digital! Fans of Jack and Benny will now have something to occupy their minds while counting the hours until the publication of SALT WATER TAFFY V3 – the brothers … Continue reading

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