Holy crap! A truck just drove through the Oni office wall/window! – Updated

First off, we’re all OK. A little shaken up, but everyone is OK.

Our office is a corner suite at this wickedly dangerous intersection. We see/hear about 2 wrecks a week, but they usually stay out in the street. Today’s wreck was goofy because one of the trucks involved had its brakes and steering damaged and after being hit, just drove up on the curb and into our wall.

We heard the initial impact in the street and everyone got up to see. I think the consensus was, “uppp…. we got ourselves another one.” I’m glad we got up because just then, our wall got hit and glass flew everywhere. James, our editor-in-chief was about a foot away from where the truck hit.

The funny thing is that there was a surveying team just outside our window – probably figuring out what they can do to fix this information. One of the surveyors literally dove out of the way. All of his tools, lasers, surveying guns, and junk was creamed. That poor surveyor looked pretty frazzled.

Here is a picture of the truck being pulled back off of our wall:

Sure makes it hard to get back to work.

Ahhhh…. comics…. never a dull moment.

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