Wasteland Double Whammy!

Both Comic Book Resources and give some love to Antony Johnston and Chris Mitten’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic sci-fi western WASTELAND!

Check out this interview with Antony on CBR: talking about his new stink on WASTELAND, his upcoming DAREDEVIL arc, and his upcoming original graphic novel COLD CITY.

“In short, if you haven’t read the Wasteland series yet, you’re in for a huge treat-the combination of science fiction, intrigue, adventure, myth-making, and mystery add up to the kind of thrill I remember getting at the beginning of the first Planet of the Apes movie, or, heck, even the desert scenes in Star Wars (still the best part as far as I’m concerned). And, like such iconic series as Lord of the Rings, Wasteland has a knack for being both epic and personal.” -Amazon Blog’s Jeff VanderMeer

Pick up a copy of  WASTELAND: THE APOCALYPTIC HARCOVER EDITION and discuss the book with the creators at the Oni Press Blog!

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