Oni Press Coming Soon!

On store shelves this May from Oni Press!  Get to your local comic shop (LCS) and place your orders now.  Not sure where your LCS is? Find out Here!

Once you know where to go: stop by and meet your friendly LCS Retailer, give them the following information for the titles you’d like to order, and you can even ask them to add those titles to a regular subscription for you!  Some will even call you when your next book has come in!

FRENEMY OF THE STATE #1 - On shelves 5/12/10 – Order Code: MAR10 1102

JAM TALES FROM THE WORLD OF ROLLER DERBY – On shelves 6/23/10 – Order Code: MAR10 1103

MONDO URBANO – On Shelves 6/09/10 – Order Code: MAR10 1104

GHOST PROJEKT #3 – On Shelves 5/19/10 – Order Code: MAR10 1105

RESURRECTION #11 – On Shelves 5/19/10 – Order Code: MAR10 1106

WASTELAND #29 – On Shelves 5/26/10 – Order Code: MAR10 1107

Did you miss an issue?  Not a problem!  You can find all of Oni’s books on our website, order directly from Oni or call up your local comic shop and have them order you a copy.  And don’t forget, there’s new comics every Wednesday!

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