“Relatively Serious Comics Reviews” of Courtney Crumrin and Wonton Soup!

Chris Sims has posted two fun reviews for Courtney Crumrin and the Fire Thief’s Tale and Wonton Soup over at Chris’s Invincible Super Blog:

First up is his review of Courtney Crumrin and the Fire Thief’s Tale:

“And the art’s no slouch either: Courtney herself is essentially a cartoon character-big eyes, little mouth, no nose, a bat-shaped barrette in her hair-but the world around her is done in a detailed style that’s reminded me more of Mignola than anything else…

Hellboy-ish or not, it works, and not just because it makes for a very appealing design. The contrast just reinforces Courtney as an outsider among everyone else, and the emotion that Naifeh’s able to show with those simple lines-especially in the last few pages-is just incredible, and it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to see more. Which, lucky for me, there’s plenty of, just waiting to be read.”

He then reviews Wonton Soup:

Instead, it’s Stokoe’s practice of just bombarding the reader with idea after idea after idea like the target of a unrelenting high-concept machine-gun. Within the first third of the book, you’ve got Space Ninjas, sentient spices, angry redneck pandas, secret alien cooking techniques, and a dozen other great throwaway gags that Stokoe uses to keep the story moving. Heck, there’s even a part where someone’s constructing a catapult designed to throw planets into each other, and that only gets mentioned in passing!

I mean really, you guys: There’s a character in this comic with an extra robot hand, and I’m almost positive that its only function is giving high fives.

Thanks for the reviews, Chris!

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