Ain’t it Cool News reviews Wonton Soup!

Vroom Socko – comics critic superstar – has just posted a fantastic review of WONTON SOUP over at Ain’t It Cool News !

Reading like a mad hybrid of COWBOY BEBOP and “Iron Chefâ€?, WONTON SOUP features interstellar truckers Johnny Boyo and Deacon Vans. When they’re not hauling freight, or dealing with the occasional hijacking by space ninjas, Deacon likes to fuck pretty much anything that has a pulse, and Johnny seeks out the perfect bowl of soup. That is, when he’s not trying to perfect a recipe that features a sentient ingredient who wants to become a perfectly roasted meal. Unfortunately for Johnny, this mismatched pair are forced to make an emergency landing on a planet where he not only left behind the girl of his dreams, but where he also has a challenge waiting for him–a challenge to see just who the best damn chef in this sector of the galaxy really is.

The story, though, is really not much more than an excuse to cram as much insanity and weirdness and straight up joy into as little space as possible. There’s at least one good joke on every page of this thing (my favorite involves the History Channel, with the second fave dealing with various handshakes.) This thing is nuts. It is out there. It reads like the sort of thing that Noel Fielding would come up with after binging on Pixie Stix and “Fireflyâ€? DVD’s. And many of you will probably not like it at all.”

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