Out This Week from Oni Press – 3/10/2010

13 page preview!

Writer: Joe Harris
Artist: Steve Rolston
Format: Standard, Full Color
Page Count: 32
Price: $3.99

U.S. Weapons Inspector Will Haley has seen his share of scary stuff. When your job routinely involves donning a hazmat suit, grabbing your Geiger counter and jetting into sometimes-hostile territory, “scary” feels almost normal. But when the alarm sounds at an abandoned Soviet facility, Haley, along with Russian “operativnik” Anya Romanova, must track a stolen weapon unlike any they’ve encountered before. What is the “Dosvidanya” project… and are they too late to stop it?

7 page preview!

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Justin Greenwood and Dave Dumeer
Format: Standard, Full Color
Page Count: 368
Price: $24.99

From critically acclaimed scribe Marc Guggenheim (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, television’s FLASH FORWARD) comes RESURRECTION, VOLUME 1–a gargantuan volume collecting the first seven sold-out issues of the new full color RESURRECTION series along with all seven issues of the original black-and-white series in one massive softcover! For ten years the alien invaders have laid waste to our planet, but now they’ve vanished, and it’s up to the people of Earth to rebuild. Standing in their way are savage Road Agents, power-mad politicians, victims of alien experimentation, and the obliterated planet humanity calls home. Can a nurse, a soldier, and the President of the USA thrust Earth into a bright new age or will simply surviving be difficult enough?

4 page preview!

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Justin Greenwood
Format: Standard, Full Color
Page Count: 32
Price: $3.99

While the survivors of the Occupation get a closer look at the Church of the Cosmos’ religious fervor, including entrance to their otherworldly temple, Susanne is singled out by Spock to be tested. But will Spock’s gift to her truly be an ascension or a curse?

31 page preview!

Writer/Artist: Scott Chantler
Format: 6 x 9, B&W
Page Count: 272
Price: $15.99

After Fort Newcastle is brutally captured by invading French mercenaries, Charles Lord and a band of his surviving soldiers, trackers, and explorers embark on one last great adventure to unite the people of Rupert’s Land to reclaim their home. This rollicking historical adventure fights its way on land and sea, all in search of and control of the mythic Northwest Passage. This massive annotated edition collects all three installments of this two-fisted pulse-pounding bare-knuckled series!

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