Sneak Peek: Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart’s Apocalipstix

Ray Fawkes & Cameron Stewart’s new Oni graphic novel is coming along better than I could have ever dreamed! Ray’s script is a blast and when I first saw Cameron’s pencils, I almost needed to change my pants. The Apocalipstix follows the band of the same name as they tour the wastelands, playing gigs and getting into trouble! You see, the girls in this group rock so hard that not even Armageddon can derail them from taking their music to the people (and mutants and whoever else survived the global meltdown)! Volume 1 won’t be out until this summer so in the meantime check out just a few of Cameron’s gorgeous pencilled pages. And if that small taste isn’t enough for you, check out Cameron’s work on Oni editorial’s favorite Vertigo miniseries of last year, The Other Side, with writer Jason Aarron. It’s on sale now and deserves a look if you haven’t given it one already…
Apocalipstix Preview Apocalipstix Preview Apocalipstix Preview

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