Out This Week from Oni Press – 4/21/2010

Spell Checkers Vol. 1

22 page preview!

Writer: Jamie S. Rich
Artist: Nicolas Hitori De with Joelle Jones
Format: 6 X 9, Black & White
Page Count: 144
Price: $11.99

Three teenaged witches use their power for popularity, good grades, and the good life. When nasty graffiti starts showing up about them at their school, they first suspect one another. But when they start losing their powers, and their magical fetishes disappear, they realize this is an attack from outside their circle, and they must join hands (and wits) to defeat the usurper and her demon companion!


Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Justin Greenwood
Format: Standard, Full Color
Page Count: 32
Price: $3.99

What twisted game is the Church of the Cosmos playing at? Susanne’s “gift” from the alien called Spock turns out to be anything but. Now plagued by an otherworldly virus, is Susanne just the first to experience an all-new alien nightmare or will she be the last?

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