Oni Press – Solicited Books for April ‘08

The Damned: Prodigal Sons #2 (of 3)
By Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

If Eddie is already dead, why are so many people so determined to kill him? Nonstop action and mayhem dominate this issue as Morgan, Eddie’s cursed brother, has to drag Eddie’s dead and deadly corpse around town while trying to figure out why so many people are after his brother.

In stores: 4/23/08
$3.50 US

Local #11
by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly

Set in the Toronto fine arts scene, this penultimate issue of LOCAL focuses on a young art student trying to manipulate the scene as best she can, who sees a source of material too good to pass up: Megan McKeenan. But as Megan turns thirty, how will she deal with this cocky upstart?

In stores: 4/09/08
$2.99 US

Maintenance #10
by Jim Massey & Robbi Rodriguez

The conclusion of Doug & Manny’s biggest adventure yet is here! It’s the intergalactic, over-the-top finale you’ve been waiting for as our intrepid pair of janitors engage in a final bid to rescue Terromax receptionist and Manny love interest Mendy from the clutches of hardcore alien bounty hunters!

In stores: 4/16/08
$3.50 US

Queen& Country: Definitive Edition, Vol. 2
by Greg Rucka with Jason Shawn Alexander, Carla Speed McNeil, & Mike Hawthorne; cover by Tim Sale

The critically lauded espionage series from Greg Rucka & co. receives its second DEFINITIVE collection!. In this new edition, SIS agent Tara Chase is put through the ringer as she must contend with industrial espionage, ghosts from her director’s past, and politicians eager to use the service to their own ends!

In stores: 4/02/08
$19.95 US

Resurrection #5
by Marc Guggenheim & David Dumeer

RESURRECTION’s premiere story arc concludes as its two casts collide in the bowels of one of the alien ships. Nothing will ever be the same!
(Cliché, but true–we swear!) Find out why the Internet is buzzing over this exciting new series!

In stores: 4/30/08
$3.50 US

Wasteland #17
by Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten, cover by Ben Templesmith

The Harvey Award-nominated series third startling story arc continues as Heddor and Jakob must protect the city of Newbegin from the onslaught of the sandies! Find out why says, “WASTELAND is an epic in the making, and one of the few pieces of new fiction – in any medium – worthy of that label.”

In stores: 4/23/08
$3.50 US

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