Oni Press – Comics Onsale 3/19/08

North World, Vol. 1: The Epic of Conrad
By Lars Brown
136 pages, Black & White

North World really isn’t that different from our own… the biggest difference is the presence of mythical monsters, talking bears, arcane arts, and, of course, the heroes who stand ready to defend the innocent and helpless from these extraordinary threats!

Conrad is one such hero and he’s about to experience something scarier than any of the mighty beasts he’s faced down – his ex-girlfriend’s wedding!

“I found the first volume to be very engaging. It’s entertaining and thoughtful, peppered with some solid characters and an upbeat attitude. While D&D/RPG aficionados will undoubtedly get the most out the finer details, readers in general will find a lot to like about NORTH WORLD.â€?

-Best Shots
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Maintenance v2 TPB
By Jim Massey & Robbi Rodriguez
96 pages, black & white

Doug and Manny are off on their most sensational, incredible, uncanny, and amazing adventure yet–you might even call it “fantasticâ€?! When super-intelligent, teensy-weensy creatures claim the TerroMax sewers as their own personal fiefdom, it’s up to our intrepid hero-er, janitors, to hit the drain pipes and clean up these micro-invaders once and for all!

“It’s funny, it’s charming, and it has a wit that moves past pop-culture reference pretty quickly. I laughed out loud reading it, and immediately grew attached to the characters.”

Mark Fossen of the blog Focused Totality talks a bit about the first two issues of Maintenance.

By Antony Johnston & Chris Mitten; cover by Ben Templesmith
32 pages, black & white


But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what one of the sand-eaters from issue 15 had to say: FINAAALEEE IZZA SANDIIZ ORRAAGIIIIIIN! SEEEEAS KIIIILSA NASSSSSTIS! INTRADUZIIIIN MEBSAA! IZZA BESSSTIIIZU DIS FAAAA!

Jeff VanderMeer has written a nice profile of Antony Johnston and Wasteland for OMNIVORACIOUS, a blog at

“This week, Oni Press releases the latest single-issue comic of the Antony Johnston (writer) / Christopher Mitten (artist) project Wasteland, a Harvey Award nominee for best new series. Set one hundred years after a world-wide catastrophe called The Big Wet, Wasteland follows the adventures of Michael, a desert scavenger. And strange adventures they are-action-packed but also at times contemplative, with all kinds of secrets for readers to discover. It’s not just about surviving in a bleak landscape-there are multiple layers to this comic, and multiple mysteries. The drawing style is stark and evocative, with Johnston’s writing bringing depth and excitement.”

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