Out This Week From Oni Press – 9/29/10

Wasteland The Apocalyptic Edition HC Vol. 2

Writer: Antony Johnston
Artist: Chris Mitten
Format: Oversize Hardcover, B&W with Color Cover Gallery!
Page Count: 336
Price: $34.99

The critically acclaimed sci-fi epic continues with this second deluxe hardcover collection! Michael and Abi have escaped the city of Newbegin, but what chaos remains in their wake? And how will they deal with the savage Dog Tribe desert nomads? Reprinting issues #14-#25 of Wasteland, this second volume also includes the fan-favorite “Walking the Dust” stories, featuring all-new artwork, and a colour gallery of Ben Templesmith’s amazing covers!

Resurrection Vol. 2
Writer:  Marc Guggenheim
Artist: Justin Greenwood and Various Artists
Format: Standard, Full Color
Page Count: 176
Price: $19.99

RESURRECTION VOLUME 2 collecting issues 7-13 of the critically acclaimed series by Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man, the Green Lantern movie) and Justin Greenwood!  This is the comic that picks up where all alien invasion movies leave off:   The aliens are gone and the invasion is over… but what is to become of humanity?  President Bill Clinton and a ragtag group of survivors are faced with that question as they encounter a city of people untouched by the alien occupation… because they worship the aliens as gods.

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