Out This Week From Oni Press – 2/23/2011

Ghost Projekt Vol. 1 Hardcover
Writer: Joe Harris
Artist: Steve Rolston
Format: Hardcover, Full Color
Page Count: 144
Price: $19.99
Genre: Supernatural / Thriller
Age Rating: T – Teen
ISBN: 978-1-934964-42-2
Diamond Code: NOV100992
Solicit Text: When an abandoned Soviet research facility is raided by a pair of black market thieves, U.S. weapons inspector Will Haley and Russian agent Anya Romanova are tasked with finding what was stolen and by whom. What they discover isn’t a suitcase nuke or a conventional WMD of any kind, but instead a supernatural armament capable of unleashing a vicious ghost army on an unsuspecting populous. Can these unlikely comrades get to the bottom of the case before the Tartars have another opportunity to ravage a continent?

“I’ve made no secret that this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite Oni series, right up there with Scott Pilgrim and Stumptown.” -Blair Butler, G4TV’s Fresh Ink

“[Rolston's artwork] will generate a feeling of awe, even though it’s just a drawing and not a real thing.” – Comic Book Resources


The Sixth Gun #9
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Brian Hurtt
Colorist: Bill Crabtree
Format: Standard, Full Color
Page Count: 32
Price: $3.99
Genre: Western / Fantasy
Age Rating: T – Teen
UPC: 649856 00031 6 00911
Diamond Code: DEC101020
Solicit Text: Nature itself revolts as a fiendish new enemy makes a play against Becky, Drake, and Gord… and the goal is to leave no man or woman alive! Plus, the budding romance between Becky and the charming gunslinger Kirby Hale heats up… but is Becky setting herself up for disaster?

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