Johnny Bacardi Show reviews Salt Water Taffy

“[Salt Water Taffy] …the latest from Matt Loux, whose Sidescrollers I found very enjoyable, even though it was made up from overly familiar elements. In this, Loux gives us a more novel (well, unless you read a lot of Stephen King books) setting for his follow-up; a Maine coastal town, in which two tweens find themselves involved with fantastical adventure while on vacation with their typically-oblivious parents. Once you get acclimated to Matthew’s everpresent pointy chins and oddball art style, you’ll find yourself having a good time with this story of a giant lobster with sinister designs on not only the surface world but his own fellow lobsters as well, and how the boys team up with a wizened old fisherman to battle it. For some reason, I kept thinking of Savage Steve Holland’s One Crazy Summer, which also took place in a New England coastal town, and had a lot of surreal craziness as well. First of what appears to be a very enjoyable series. A-

-Johnny Bacardi Show

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