From kids to adults, Salt Water Taffy gains praises across the board and The Precocious Curmudgeon agree, Salt Water Taffy is an excellent book. Exciting to the youth and nostalgic to the adults, everyone loves this book!

“Jack and Benny act and speak like real kids, allowing readers to empathize with their very familiar situation. The story takes plenty of unexpected twists and turns that will engage younger readers, while the comic subplots and talking lobsters will delight kids and parents equally.” -Review at

“Added to the list of “books that cohereâ€? is Matthew Loux’s Salt Water Taffy, due May 7, 2008, from Oni … I can say that I really, really love the look of this book … Boredom is vanquished; imagination and adventure win.” -Review at The Precocious Curmudgeon

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