Out This Week From Oni Press – 10/26/2011

The Sixth Gun #16

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist: Brian Hurtt

Colors: Bill Crabtree

Format: Standard, Full Color

Page Count: 32

Price: $3.99

Genre: Western / Fantasy

Age Rating: T – Teen

UPC: 64985600031601611

DESCRIPTION: As Becky learns more about the Sword of Abraham’s secret war, she unlocks a new power of The Sixth Gun. Meanwhile, Drake is offered membership into a clandestine group with sinister intentions—and refusal may mean death! And Gord encounters ghosts of his past and enters a game of wits with an evil man thought long dead.

Sketch Monsters, Book 1: Escape of the Scribbles

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Vicente “Vinny” Navarrete

Format: 6″ X 9″ Hardcover, Full Color

Page Count: 40

Price: $12.99

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Age Rating: Y – All Audiences!

ISBN: 978-1-934964-69-9

DESCRIPTION: Eight year old Mandy isn’t what you’d call an emotional child. Whether at her own surprise birthday party, scoring the winning goal, or being stung by a bee, Mandy doesn’t show her feelings. Instead she draws them as MONSTERS in her sketchbook. But one day emotions run wild and those monsters escape! Mandy’s only help catching them is an eccentric monster named Happster, who causes more problems than he solves. Can Mandy catch all the sketch monsters and return them to her sketchbook before they destroy her town?

Power Lunch, Book 1: First Course

Writer: J. Torres

Artist: Dean Trippe

Format: 6″ X 9″ Hardcover, Full Color

Page Count: 40

Price: $12.99

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Age Rating – Y – All Audiences!

ISBN: 978-1-934964-70-5

DESCRIPTION: Joey is a sickly looking kid who’s been raised to believe that he’s allergic to pretty much everything with a hue. His mother has him on a strict diet that avoids a huge list of food–anything that isn’t white is off the table–literally. Why the restrictive diet? Well, it turns out every food gives Joey a different super power! Lunch time just got a whole lot crazier!

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