Out this week from Oni Press – 2/15/12

Wasteland #34

Writer: Antony Johnston

Artist: Justin Greenwood

NEW STORY ARC “UNDER THE GOD” CONTINUES! After Brother Zakk’s shocking revelation, Michael, Abi, and Gerr must pick through the mysteries and half-memories to determine the truth. Who is the mysterious branded man? What does he want? Where is he going? And can they convince the townsfolk of Godsholm that they’re not Satan’s minions? Not if the priest, Father Affon, has anything to do with it…

Format: Single, Standard
Content Rating: O (Older Audiences)

Diamond™ Order Code: DEC111154

Wasteland #34 is also available for download at Comixology.


Super Pro K.O.! vol 1

Writer/Artist: Jarrett Williams

Joe Somiano is late to his first match in Super Pro K.O.!, and has no clue what awaits him in the rowdy ring! A seasoned sumo wrestler, a jolly luchador, a flambouyant tag team, suspicious executives, and a drunken Heavyweight Champion all stand between him and the superstardom that is his destiny. If the huge egos, clothesline take-downs, and broken chairs across the head don’t squash Joe’s dreams, he may just come out on top. But if he’s going to take home the champion’s belt, he’ll need to bring his best moves against the likes of S.P.K.O.! stars Tomahawk Slamson, Yoko No-No, Mr. Awesomeness 2, and many more in this grand slamma jamma event of a graphic novel!

Wasteland #23

Wasteland #24

Writer: Antony Johnston

Artist: Christopher Mitten

The Dog Tribe marriage is over, giving Michael, Abi and Gerr the chance to escape while Alpha Rover carries out his treacherous plan! But can they make it out of the tribe’s territory alive? Who will help them when they need it most? Don’t miss the conclusion of this story arc!

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