iFanboy coins the phrase: Pulled a Pilgrim!

That’s right boys and girls, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s amazing series Scott Pilgrim is a book, soon a movie, and now a colloquialism in the English language! Thanks to the guys down at for immortalizing the series in such an amazing manner!

Check out this week episode #74 all about the Scott Pilgrim series Here!

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pulled a pilgrim [puhld A pill-grim]

-not expected; unforeseen; surprising: an unexpected pleasure; an unexpected development.

Originally derived from the reaction readers had to the book Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1: Precious Little Life, in that many readers are surprised by the storytelling shift in the last chapter.

-Related forms
pulled a Scott Pilgrim
a Scott Pilgrim left turn
made a Scott Pilgrim
did a Scott Pilgrim

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