Toronto takes on the Apocalipstix!

Hey Canadians! Pick up an issue of the Toronto Star today and flip to the entertainment section. I’ll wait … You back? Okay, get some coffee … Yes! That is an indie comic book on the front page of a major newspapers entertainment section! And not just any comic book, THE APOCALIPSTIX!

“The end of the world has never looked so hot – and fun – as in The Apocalipstix. The graphic novel hasn’t hit the shelves yet, and it’s already getting comic fans salivating. It is set to launch at the Comic-Con in San Diego in August and comes from the minds of two local creators, writer Ray Fawkes and artist Cameron Stewart.” -The Toronto Star

What do you mean you dont live in Canada?! I thought everyone lived in Canada!? Ah well, I guess you can read it online too. Check out the entire article here!

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