New this week from Oni Press – 10/17/2012


Writer/Artist: Ted Naifeh
Colorist: Warren Wucinich

Format: Standard Comic, Full-Color
Page Count: 32
Genre: Horror / Fantasy
Age Rating: All Ages
UPC: 649856 00034 7 00611
Diamond Code: AUG121235

Courtney is on the run with Calpurnia, while Uncle Aloysius contemplates his own mortality. The Elixir Vitae will prolong his life, but at what cost to his family? As the Marshals close in on Courtney and Calpurnia, Courtney will discover how much Aloysius’ life is worth to him.


Writer/Artist: Mike Norton

Format: 7″ x 9″, B&W
Page Count: 80
Genre: Humor / Suspense / Pug
Age Rating: Teen+
ISBN: 1-934964-88-3
Diamond Code: JUN121217

In 2009, cartoonist extraordinaire and internet sensation Mike Norton (BATTLEPUG, DOUBLE FEATURE COMICS: THE ANSWER) took the “24-Hour Comic” Challenge and created the pug-tastic comic THE CURSE over the course of a single day! He returned with sequels spawned during “24 Hour Comic” events in 2010 and 2011. Now all three tales of pirates and pugs are available in print in this new softcover collection!


Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Brian Hurtt
Colorist: Bill Crabtree

Format: Standard Comic, Full-Color
Page Count: 32
Genre: Western / Fantasy
Age Rating: All Ages
UPC: 649856 00031 6 02611
Diamond Code: AUG121233

Winter Wolves, Part 3. One wants to destroy the Six. One wants to steal them. Gord Cantrell knows better than to trust Kirby Hale. But together they embark on the strangest of journeys as they search for Becky, Drake, and the magical pistols they wield. Drake and Becky have problems of their own, though, as they are besieged by a legendary spirit-creature with a heart as cold as a winter storm.

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