New this week from Oni Press – 02/13/2013

Sketch Monsters V2

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Colorist: Vicente “Vinny” Navarrete

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating: All Ages
Format: Hardcover, Full-Color
Page Count: 40
ISBN: 1620100126
Diamond Code: OCT121155

Tony’s nervous about his first day at a new school. Instead of acting normally, he tries being the class clown, the teacher’s pet, and sadly… even the bully. He draws his other identities as MONSTERS in his sketchbook. But Tony’s monsters escape all over the school! Thankfully, Mandy also goes to Tony’s school and can lend a helping hand! Can Tony and Mandy catch all of the new Sketch Monsters before they demolish the school?!

Last Call V2

Writer/Artist: Vasilis Lolos

Genre: SciFi/Adventure, Comedy
Age Rating: Mature
Format: Softcover, B&W
Page Count: 160
ISBN: 1620100835
Diamond Code: OCT121153

The Ghost Train is the unearthly engine that travels between dimensions and through the void of space and time. When two normal teenagers, Alec and Sam, mysteriously end up on the train, they’re thrown into a world unlike any they’ve ever seen and in the middle of a killing spree more chilling than anything they could have imagined! After being separated in Volume 1, the pair finally find one another, but it’s not the reunion either one expects. Alec has aged ten years while Sam has only been on his own for ten hours! There’s no time for the two to catch up, though! There’s still the issue of who is murdering the passengers and how it’s connected to the boys’ appearance on the train!

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