The Rick and Phil Hour! LIVE Every Tuesday Night at 9pm EST! ONLY ON THE ONI PRESS BLOG!

Tuesday night this week, the Rick and Phil Hour will not be found on  the Oni Press forums.

Nope! Instead we’re evolving, mutating, change-volving into the “We” we were always meant to be!

And in our case, that means a Cover-It-Live Chat Window right here on the Oni Press blog.

As for topics, Harvey and Eisner Nominations are coming up which means it’s the comic book communities time to figure out just what the hell happened in the medium last year.  So we turn to the question to you:

Just what the hell did happen in comics in 2008?  What’d you read that blew your mind?  What’d you read that disappointed you?  What should I have read that I didn’t?

(that’s one’s easy, probably a lot)

Whether you have an opinion or not, be sure to stop by just to witness our futuristic, easy to use, “no need to constantly re-load” format!

We will, as always, be starting at 9 pm est.

Rick can’t wait to punch the future straight in the eye!

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