New this week from Oni Press – 3/20/2013

Writer: Jerry Holkins
Artist: Mike Krahulik
Genre: Comedy / Gaming
Age Rating: Mature Audiences
Format: 7 x 9, Full-Color softcover
Page Count: 112
ISBN: 978-1-62010-007-3
Diamond Code: NOV121260

Jonathan Gabriel: Supreme Lycar of the secretive, xenophobic, and insular Wildfur clan.Tycho Brahe: the “fresh meat” in an elite, Top Secret werewolf-killing squad known onlyas “The Werewolf Killers.” But there is a thirst beyond thirst – a thirstening JonathanGabriel knows only too well. Tycho feels it too; to be drunk on moonlight, entwined inthe super hairy arms of some kind of man/wolf type dude. PASSION’S HOWL, orwhatever. Listen! This is just solicit copy. Everything inside is Penny Arcade comics.Specifically, all the Penny Arcade comics from 2008.

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