Polly & the Pirates makes Library Journal’s “Best of 2006″

From Library Journal:

Naifeh, Ted. Polly and Pirates. Vol 1. Oni Pr. 2006. 176p. ISBN 1-932664-46-7 [ISBN 978-1-932664-46-1]. pap. $11.95.

PollySweet little Polly has been the goody-goody of Mistress Lovejoy’s Preparatory School for Proper Young Ladies. But when she is lifted-literally-out of her staid surroundings, high seas, high jinks, and hilarity ensue as she gets in touch with her inner pirate. Now as “Captain Peg,” she and her rough-hewn crew must race dashing pirate prince Claudio to find the gold left by her mysteriously vanished mother, Pirate Queen Meg. Naifeh uses a charming, curvier art with more universal appeal than his gothic woodcuts for Eisner Award nominee Courtney Crumrin. Indeed, Polly’s story is as different from Courtney’s as possible, set in the whimsical Victorian-style city of St. Helvetia, where houses look like boats and boats look like houses. The plotting is delicious as twists, counter twists, clashing swords, and breathless acrobatics prove that Polly could easily out-Sparrow Captain Jack himself. The ending ties up most of the threads while leaving room for a sequel, expected in 2008. A winning tale highly recommended for ages 12+, including all fans of swashbuckling manga heroines.-M.C.

If you have never read Polly and the Pirates, we have the first two issues available for free in our Downloads Section.

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