Oni Press – Solicited Books for July ‘09

Festering Romance

by Renee Lott

Book Description
20 year-old college student Janet lives a quiet life in with her spectral roommate Paul. And the more she tries to withdraw, the more the world pushes back. Freya, Janet’s pushy friend, is always setting her up on blind dates, and the most recent (successful) date creates far more turmoil for Janet than happiness. Strangely, it’s the things the fledgling couple have in common that keep them apart. Will their pasts haunt them forever or will they find a way to heal their festering romance?

184 Pages – B&W

ISBN: 978-1-934964-18-7


Resurrection #2

by Marc Guggenheim & Justin Greenwood

Book Description
Mankind’s return from the brink of alien destruction continues!

The town of Red Lion, PA is an anomaly. A walled, fortress where rebuilding has begun and hope springs. Unfortunately, things are never that simple. Red Lion has a secret and Ben is determined to find out what it is—or die trying.

32 pages

Full Color

Wasteland: The Apocalyptic Hardcover Edition, Vol. 1

by Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten with Carla Speed McNeil

Book Description
The Harvey-nominated, critically acclaimed ongoing series gets the deluxe hardcover treatment with this new massive collection! Reprinting the first 13 issues of the series including the fan-favorite “Walking the Dust” prose shorts, this impressive tome chronicles the opening adventures of Michael, a mysterious wanderer struggling to find the answers to both his past and his future.

With a full color Ben Templesmith cover gallery!

384 Pages – B&W

ISBN: 978-1-934964-19-4


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