Wasteland #25 – You Should Be Reading This

Seriously folks, if you’re not already reading Antony Johnston & Chris Mitten’s critically acclaimed ongoing series, Wasteland, YOU SHOULD START! Not willing to take our work for it?!  Fine… if you wont listen to us maybe you’ll listen to these guys:

Wasteland is the best post-apocalyptic comic being published today. And I say that as the author of a post-apocalyptic comic. It’s reached its 25th issue – which, as an indie comic, is no mean feat either. This 25th issue is double-sized and full colour. It’s very good. You want a copy.” -Warren Ellis

I like Walking Dead. I like Walking Dead a lot. But Wasteland is better.” -Rich Johnston

So, like we were saying… WAIT, WHAT!? What do you mean you’re still not sure!?!?!

Here! Check out this preview! You’ll change your mind

Then go discuss the book with the creators at the Oni Press Forums.

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