Jamie S. Rich Overruns Robot 6

Photo by Charlie Chu

Photo by Charlie Chu

For a couple more days Jamie S. Rich is the featured guest blogger at Comic Book Resources super blog Robot 6.

As if this wasn’t enough to fuel his megalomania; Jamie’s newest book You Have Killed Me completely sold out at it’s San Diego Comic Con premier, Meltdown Comics is featuring the art of You Have Killed Me with a Joelle Jones display in their stores huge Art Gallery, and for those local to Portland, OR (Rich’s home town) there will be a You Have Killed Me release party this Thursday 8/7 at Floating World Comics downtown.

You should definitely make your way to one of these events, even if it’s just to pop in at the Robot 6 blog.  Seriously, you should go… please go… for all our sake. He’s gone mad with power!

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