Nunzio DeFilippis

Nunzio DeFilippis was born in New York, grew up in New York, loves New York, and lives in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of USC's screenwriting program and has written several feature films that no one will ever see, including one that was purchased by a production company that went out of business mere weeks later. After that, he started writing with Christina Weir, who he subsequently married.

Nunzio and Christina have worked in television, on and off, for the last ten years. They were on the writing staff of HBO's Arliss for two seasons, and have worked on Disney's Kim Possible.

In comics, they have written Skinwalker, Three Strikes, Maria's Wedding, Once in a Blue Moon, The Tomb and Past Lies for Oni Press, and spent 3 years in the world of Marvel's mutants writing New Mutants, Hellions and New X-Men. They have also written for Wonder Woman, Adventures of Superman and Checkmate. Before teaming with Christina, Nunzio wrote an issue of Detective Comics, which means he can boast that he's written for all three of DC's big three. Since he grew up a comics geek, that probably means more to him than to most people he'll meet.

In the world of manga, Nunzio and Christina have created Amazing Agent Luna and Destiny's Hand and have adapted several Japanese series for Del Rey.

Their first video game project, in a situation that eerily reminded him of his first optioned screenplay, wound up shelved during the production stage. But it featured a major Hollywood action star, though NDAs prevent Nunzio from boasting about who it was.

Currently, Nunzio and Christina are working on All Saints Day (a sequel to Past Lies) and an upcoming arc of a DC book that will allow Christina to make the same claim about the big three that Nunzio so proudly boasts about. They have also developed a television zombie soap opera called Paradise Springs and have written a feature adaptation of Warren Ellis' Atmospherics. They also have a top secret Oni project on the way, so stay tuned for news of that.

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