Jeff Wamester

My family and I or as we called it "The Wamester Expeditionary Force" (WEF) were on our way to Vermont for our summer vacation. It was a seven hour trip and as usual everyone was bored and someone always had to go to the bathroom. To my Dad's shigrin, this meant frequest stops at convenience stores. Usually, on these types of trips the only form of entertainment was cards or a book, but this trip was different. On one of our frequent "Pee Stops", I saw a rack of comic in the corner of the room. Bright with colors I was totally drawn in. After a little begging, I was able to convince my Mom to buy
Omega The Known
#1. I must have read it a hundred times. I was hooked on comics ever since! The long short of it, I have been pursuing the art form ever since... I went through at least a ream of paper a week all through elementary school. My Mom kept asking me to make sure I used every inch of the paper, on both sides because I was driving her to the poor house with the paper I was using up ( not to mention the trees I was killing ). I spent the next ten years at close to that pace drawing everything under the sun ( especially superheros ). After graduating high school I attended BU for 2.5 years. Of course, I quickly ran out money and scholarships and was forced to transfer to UConn. After getting screwed on credits in the transfer I attended UConn for ANOTHER 3.5 years ( with a few breaks for lack of money ). FINALLY in 2000 I graduated with a BFA with concentration in illustration. And let me tell you, this is no easy task when you pay your own way through college! Whew! At long last I finished my education! It finally became time to start making comics for a living... OUCH, I quickly found that you don't make much money at first. With a huge student loan payment and no time for my own project ( which is really what this is about ) I had to change my strategy. At this point I decided I needed to do this the hard way if I was ever going to create a graphic novel and not go to jail. I had to get a desk job while spending nights creating my graphic novel. If this is how Stephen King did it, then so can I! So, here I am ready to take on the world with my own projects...

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