Sam Hart

Sam Hart was born in England and had a healthy start living in Braunston, a small town in the Midlands, but after a quick stay in foggy London, left for the tropical beaches of Brazil - only to find himself in the midst of smoggy São Paulo (the third largest city in the world).

Never wandering far from his dream of making comics, he drew fanzines throughout school and college, eventually finding steady work doing scientific diagrams for Brazil’s most popular magazines. In the last few years he has made the change to comic work, being published at Mongoose, Variance Press and Markosia.

Starship Troopers: Alamo Bay, originally published by Mongoose, is in the top 300 comics sold in March 2006, and Brothers: The Fall Of Lucifer is a 10-part series based on Wendy Alec’s novel. Both are written/adapted by Tony Lee and published by Markosia.

Tony and Sam are teaming up again for a 140-page graphic novel featuring one of Britain's most loved outlaws, called Robin Hood:Outlaw's Pride, due in 2008 from Walker Books.

Sam has also taken part in Civil Wardrobe and Just1Page, put together by Richard Johnston and Ade Brown, respectively.

Sam eventually wants to move back to a small town and thinks that writing in the third person is really tiring.

Graphic Novels by Sam Hart