Marc GuggenheimJustin GreenwoodDavid DumeerDoug Dabbs

In the tradition of such timeless science fiction films like THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and WAR OF THE WORLDS, RESURRECTION is the story of an alien race come to conquer. But while those classic tales focus on the invasion, RESURRECTION starts when those stories end.

After years of conflict the aliens are gone and the planet is safe... or is it? Who ended the war? How did they do it? Where do we go from here?

Written by Marc Guggenheim (WOLVERINE) and drawn by Justin Greenwood, David Dumeer, RESURRECTION uncovers both the secrets of humanity's survival and its impending future.


Comics Waiting Room:

"I was pretty surprised by how much I liked RESURRECTION. It has some nice character depth to it, and by telling this story, it gives the writer the chance to genuinely say something about our current society as well (as good sci-fi should). There are a number of strong plots put into motion here, and I found myself interested in every one of them."

"David Dumeer's art is really terrific. He's got a nice sense of how to draw real people. There are different body types, different ethnicities... and he knows how to draw a proper background, too. For some, it seems to be a lost art, so to speak."

AICN Comics:

"This book starts where every other sci fi/alien invasion story ends. Writer Mark Guggenheim does a great job of creating a devastated world, picking up the pieces after a narrow victory against invading aliens. This is a survivor's tale told from many different perspectives. I especially liked the scene between the captured alien and the scientist regarding his acclimation to the earth environment and the chances of the alien ever being rescued by his own people. There's some really great dialog in this one and the concept is great enough to give survivor books like THE WALKING DEAD a run for its money."

"What are the odds of two great science-fiction series starting on the same week? I admit, I was skeptical. I love a good post-apocalypse story, I'm a fan of Oni, but I've enjoyed literally nothing that Guggenheim has written in comics. With Resurrection #1, I guess the score goes up to one, because this is a fantastic first issue. Starting from the first day after an alien invasion, when a mysterious weapon has forced the occupying 'bugs' off the planet, Guggenheim introduces a handful of characters and ideas, teasing about what happened in the invasion, what's happening now and what the survivors are going to do about it. It's all got a very similar feel to the first issue of Walking Dead, when it all has a promising vibe but you have no idea how good it's going to get, and I hope Resurrection builds in the same manner. It certainly has art equal to the task, as newcomer Dave Dumeer shows off clever storytelling (check out the passage of time sequence on nine) and a confident, expressive style that reminds me of Charlie Adlard crossed with Becky Cloonan. Good stuff, and one of the stronger first issues I've read in a while."

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