Wasteland is a comic book series written by Antony Johnston, and illustrated by Christopher Mitten, Justin Greenwood, Russel Roehling, Remington Veteto, and others. Covers are by Ben Templesmith and Christopher Mitten, and the series and collections are published by Oni Press.

Wasteland takes place in a devastated, post-apocalyptic future America. Set one hundred years after a catastrophe known as the “Big Wet”, it's the story of Michael and Abi, two characters with unique and unnatural powers, as they search for the fabled land of A-Ree-Yass-I, which legend says is where the Big Wet began.

Their quest will take them thousands of miles across a ruined, hostile land where technology has been forgotten and scavenging is a way of life. Where a relentless sun beats down through a cloudless sky. Where no birds take to the air, no forests carpet the hills. Where the oceans are fetid and poisonous, impossible to cross.

But Michael has been walking this land longer than he can remember. If anyone can beat the odds and survive the journey, Abi believes it's him. With his survival skills and her quick thinking, can they find A-Ree-Yass-I together?

Perhaps. But along the way they'll face betrayal, prejudice, war, revolution and more...

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    Antony Johnston

    An award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of comics, graphic novels, video games and books, Antony's titles include Wasteland, Umbral, The Fuse, Daredevil, Dead Space, ZombiU, and more. He has adapted books by bestselling novelist Anthony Horowitz, collaborated with comics legend Alan Moore, and reinvented Marvel's flagship character Wolverine for manga. His works have been translated throughout the world and optioned for film.

    Antony lives and works in England.



    Christopher Mitten
    Creator/Artist/Cover Artist

    Originally from the cow-dappled expanse of southern Wisconsin, Christopher now roams the misty wilds of suburban Chicago, drawing little people in little boxes. In addition to Oni, his work has appeared in books published by WildStorm, IDW, Dark Horse, and Image Comics.

    Christopher lives in Wheaton, Illinois, where he's constantly on the lookout for sleep, which proves to be an elusive and formidable foe.



    Justin Greenwood

    Justin is a finely tuned, comic makin’ mammy jammy, with work on series like Wasteland, Resurrection, and Stumptown from Oni Press, The Fuse (also with Antony Johnston) from Image, as well as projects like Masks and Mobsters, Ghost Town, and Continuum: The War Files under his belt.

    When not drawing, he can be found running around the East Bay with his wife Melissa and their dual wildlings, tracking down small produce markets and high intensity card games with equal vigor.



    Russel Roehling

    Russel was raised in the mountains of Washington State by a pack of wolves. As is common in wild animals, natural instinct took over and he killed and ate his adoptive wolf pack. With nowhere else to go, he journeyed down from the mountains into the city of Seattle. There, he started illustrating for a living, a skill he'd learned while drawing on cave walls as a child.

    He still lives in the Seattle area, with his wife and a couple of dogs, who he hasn't eaten yet.

    Russel won the prestigious Russ Manning Award for his work on Wasteland.



    Remington Veteto

    Fresh from the gates of SCAD Atlanta, Wasteland marks the start of Remington's comics career. Drawing by day and cooking by night, he strives to make his mark in sequential art while feeding the hungry masses of late night bars.

    Remington lives in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia with a small studio of artists.



    Ben Templesmith
    Cover Artist

    An Eisner-award winning, New York Times bestselling artist and writer, Ben became an overnight comics sensation with the original 30 Days Of Night with Steve Niles, and Fell with Warren Ellis. His other work includes Star Wars, Army Of Darkness, Silent Hill, and his self-penned books Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Welcome to Hoxford, and Singularity 7.

    A native Australian, Ben now has a severe case of wanderlust.