We love Wasteland. We also love music.

Hey — why don't we combine the two?

And so we did.

We started with just one song, Theme From Wasteland, which has been freely available to download from this site since Wasteland launched in 2006. We followed it with another, a short coda/reprise of the main theme.

Turns out a lot of people liked them — so much, in fact, that you wanted more. A lot more.

Never let it be said we don't listen to our fans. This page is now home to the Original Soundtrack, where all the official music for Wasteland can be found. We release a new song at the start of each major story arc in the series, building up to a full album's worth of original music as time goes by. And when we're done, we'll also make a neat PDF inlay card for you to print out. Enjoy.

The music

Click on each link for the MP3 file.

  • 01. Theme From Wasteland
  • 02. Walking the Dust
  • 03. Artisian Heart
  • 04. Sanctuary Four
  • 05. Inelisia
  • 06. March of the Sand-Eaters
  • 07. Empty Horizon
  • 08. Suddenly Awake
  • 09. Time is Short
  • 10. TBA — Coming soon
  • 11. Theme From Wasteland (reprise)

    The license

    Individual users may download, store, copy and distribute these music files freely (as in beer) and legally. Knock yourself out.

    Podcasters and radio broadcasters may play these music files freely, with no payment of compensation required, on the condition that Wasteland is mentioned. Hey, it's only fair.

    Publishers and commercial distributors may not redistribute these music files without prior permission of the copyright holder. This includes incidental use in motion pictures, television broadcasts, etc. Click here to enquire.