Bad Machinery: The Case of the Team Spirits

Bad Machinery, Vol. 1



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Shauna. Charlotte. Mildred. Three schoolgirl sleuths. Jack. Linton. Sonny. Three schoolboy investigators. Tackleford. One mid-sized city with a history of countless mysteries. Is there enough room at Griswalds Grammar School for two groups of kid detectives? There better be because once these kids set their sights on solving a mystery there’s nothing that can derail them. Nothing, except maybe gossip, classwork, new football player cards, torment from siblings, stolen jackets, teacher’s wives...

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Tabloid
Content Rating: A (All Ages)
Street Date: Mar 27, 2013

Diamond™ Order Code: NOV121261
ISBN: 978-1-62010-084-4

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