Black Metal v1

Black Metal, Vol. 1

Chuck BBRick Spears


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Twin brothers, Shawn and Sam, aren't typical kids - their grim dedication to metal isn't that unusual but their mysterious parentage sure is! Empowered by the legendary sword of Atoll, these kids are determined to battle however many demons it takes in order to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Hell Baron! Infused with the ancient myth and high adventure of the music that inspired it, BLACK METAL is a truly epic tale.


Tripping the Life Fanatic:

"Right now, it is good to be a Metal head."

"It's a great action/adventure rock-n-roll tour de force and you shouldn't miss it."

Manga Life:

"I really enjoyed the rocktastic attitude of the book; the fact that the plot is introduced from a black metal album is genius."

Comics Alliance:

"Experience the axe to the forehead that is: Black Metal."

"BLACK METAL, by Rick Spears and Chuck BB is about as metal as it gets."

"The story, a combination of Norse mythology, tween angst and high adventure, is a ridiculous amount of fun."

"BLACK METAL is the SCOTT PILGRIM of hard rock."

Comic Pants:

"More than a loving homage or simply parody, Black Metal manages to be a sincere love letter to heavy metal music as well as a humorous send-up of it."

"Black Metal is often laugh-out-loud funny, it is also pump your fist in the air awesome, a mixture of teen road trip and high fantasy quest decorated with the trappings of heavy metal."

"You can trace [Black Metal's] lineage back to the height of metal music in the "80s" thanks to BB's art style and Spears' writing, Black Metal never feels retro or nostalgic, but those who have a touch of metal retro nostalgia will no doubt find a spiritual home in these pages."

"If you've ever played a record backwards to see what was on there, if you've ever thrown the devil horns at the sound of a ripping guitar or drum solo, if you ever thought Ozzy was in league with Satan and that much cooler for it, than Black Metal, my friends, is for you."

Precocious Curmudgeon:

"It's a strangely endearing combination of high adventure and low comedy. I'm not a metal fan by any stretch of the imagination, but Shawn and Sam's enthusiasm for it and the mythos around it is contagious. Spears makes these spooky little thugs very likable, and he surrounds them with a motley crew of friends and foes. BB's illustrations are of the creepy-cute variety, and they really work for this material. The pages are laced with dark comedy and a weird kind of sweetness that's right in step with the script."

Comics Waiting Room:

"The characters are amusing, the concepts are slyly structured, and there's obviously a sequel on the way. There's nothing deep about it, but BLACK METAL is a solid way to shut it down and enjoy a decent read for a while."

The Johnny Bacardi Show:

"If this was done with a smirk, it would be unbearable, but Spears and Chuck play it completely straightfaced, and it's a hoot and a half- a fun and exciting Black Metal/D&D quest tale that rises above its origins and demonstrates a lot of love for not only the metal genre, but gaming and just the simple state of being a misfit teenager. It's more enjoyable than any five episodes of Metalocalypse you can name."

The Vault of Buncheness:

"No bullshit, this is the perfect book to read while listening to Mercyful Fate's DON'T BREAK THE OATH, and a higher compliment I would be hard pressed to give. And it's even appropriate for the 10-and-ups, so become the bad influence your kids/nieces/nephews/younger siblings need and get them a copy."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Aug 1, 2010

Diamond™ Order Code: JUN07 3782
ISBN: 978-1-932664-72-0

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