The Everlasting

Jamie S. Rich


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It's 1999 in Portland, Oregon. Lance Scott has just turned 25 and has a pretty good life. Paul Weller is his god; music his constant companion. He has a great apartment, a spoiled cat, an easygoing roommate; only one thing is missing—the girl of his dreams. But reality rarely lives up to dreams. Three girls take turns with his heart, but can he commit to any one of them, or will he always be looking back at what he's left and forward at what might come? And then there's the blue haired girl.

This sophomore novel by Jamie S. Rich takes a pop-culture filled look at the irony of a guy who is only able to be truly present in his relationship with his cat; and the accidents that happen when you try to reach forward toward a new love while simultaneously looking over your shoulder at the past.


Willamette Week:

"Perhaps the only thing more painful than being in high school is being in your 20s, a time when you're convinced you're smart, but you're not smart enough to realize how stupid you really are. In his second novel, The Everlasting, local author Jamie S. Rich serves up a reminder of those transitional years when you have the audacity to think you know a thing or two. Set in Portland in 1999, Rich's multiple-narrative tale follows Lance Scott, a 25-year-old Web designer navigating a turbulent journey of romance and self-discovery. Lance is not unlike many of the real urban hipsters who troll local watering holes, expounding the superiority of vinyl over compact discs, fussing about looks and pontificating on pop culture."

Curled up with a Good Book:

"Rich's honest and tender prose about the complications of relationships is clever and engaging. We become friends with this zany, funny young man. Do not be deceived by the comic book-looking cover—this is definitely a read for adults only."

Reader Reviews:

"With a completely realistic style of writing, Jamie Rich finds a way to bring across everything from the somewhat disturbingly sarcastic sense of humor of his main character to the desperado, soul searching lost romantic boy trapped inside. While you will find yourself smirking at the completely realistic comments and attitudes we've all experienced in our life of romance, the author's ability to truly bring the character to life is uncanny and surreal."

Read All About It:

"Spurred on by duty and admiration, I've read almost everything Mr. Rich has published. But The Everlasting is easily his best and most enjoyable work yet. I'm only about a third of the way through and am having a hard time pacing myself enough to enjoy the story rather than giving in to my "what happens next?!?" impulse to finish it in a caffeine-fueled evening."

Format: Illustrated Novel, 6x9" - Trade Paperback
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Feb 4, 2007

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ISBN: 978-1-932664-54-6

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