12 Reasons Why I Love Her

Jamie S. RichJoëlle Jones


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A romance novel told in twelve individual vignettes, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her explores the relationship of young couple Gwen and Evan, traversing the ups and downs of their romantic life together. Told out of chronological order, these specific slices of love focus on all the things that make two people care for one another, be it something small like telling a joke or larger aspects of life, like the dreams that drive us or the secrets we keep. When put together, the pieces make a whole in the same way two lovers join as one.

Crafted by Jamie S. Rich & newcomer Joelle Jones, this beautiful and lyrical work is a unique experiment in graphic storytelling, combining the things we see with the words we say to give us a glimpse of everything we feel.


The Oregonian:

"Gwen and Evan's story is told in 12 vignettes, which are not delivered in chronological order. It's an effective... means of tracking the course of their romance because we sometimes see the resolution of their arguments before we understand the pettiness that provoked them. For all the young (and young at heart) lovers in the audience, there's a marvelous lesson in that... I can't think of a better Christmas present for quite a few people on my list."


"12 Reasons Why I Love Her takes a nuanced view of the highs and lows of romance, trading fairy tale fantasies for the peaks and valleys of a real relationship. The bittersweet, perfectly ambiguous climax allows an adult male to justify reading a "romance comic" without hiding from public view."

"This is one of [artist Joelle] Jones's first published works, and it's remarkably, consistently dazzling. Her style is an intriguing blend of heightened realism and cartoonish exaggeration, with just a hint of manga flavoring."

Broken Frontier:

"12 Reasons Why I Love Her is the kind of book you'd get if Margaret Atwood came from the Hipster generation"

Eye On Comics:

"The banter between the pair is entertaining and perfect, but there's also an awkwardness in the script at times that really drives home a genuine sound and brings credibility to the characters."

Precocious Curmudgeon:

"12 Reasons Why I Love Her has a lot going for it. Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones have carefully crafted something that feels very real."

Comics Waiting Room:

"I'm a sucker for a good romance comic, and no one seems to be doing better ones these days than Jamie S. Rich."


"Jamie S. Rich is becoming known for his great work in romantic fiction, and this book is certainly no exception. 12 Reasons Why I Love Her is a visually pleasing and emotionally moving book for which any lover of contemporary romance will fall head over heels."

Read About Comics:

"Rich's writing in 12 Reasons Why I Love Her shows a real understanding of how people interact. In some ways, reading the graphic novel is a voyeuristic process because Rich doesn't hold anything back in his showing the ups and downs in Gwen and Evan's relationship. From raw emotion to carefully phrased responses, every word and action rings true here."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, 6x9" - Trade Paperback
Content Rating: O (Older Audiences)
Street Date: Feb 4, 2007

Diamond™ Order Code: AUG06 3489
ISBN: 978-1-932664-51-5

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