Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen #1

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Solar plexus!

Bursting out from the hit Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report--it�s Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen In this stunning continuation of Stephen Colbert�s critically acclaimed, yet unpublished prose novel, everyone�s favorite sci-fi hero must stand against the enemies of freedom no matter what dark planet they crawl from!


E! Online:

"Originally concocted as a spoof of celebrity-penned sci-fi novels with long and dauntingly punctuated titles, this Tek Jansen actually delivers all the stuff you�d want in a comic, everything from over-the-top villains to heroes who might inadvertently have instigated a war that spans the universe.

A fistful of justice never tasted this sweet."

"If I had to describe this comic book in one word, it would be�. Lincolnish. (Lincoln was into sci-fi and comics, right? What? No? Oh.) OK, make that one word: Megamerican.

Were I allowed three real words instead of one truthy word, then those three words would be 'pretty damn funny.' "

"Yes, the star of Stephen Colbert�s famous science fiction novel has leapt to the funny book pages and America is better off because of it. For a mere $3.99 you get two mind-numbingly fantastic Tek Jansen adventures wherein Tek battles nefarious Optiklons and racist Rombaronians. Set in a futuristic world of space travel and aliens, Stephen Colbert�s Tek Jansen has everything you would expect it to have�if you ever watch Stephen Colbert�s show. If not, then the aforementioned government officials might be knocking on your door as you read this."

Format: Single, Standard
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Jun 25, 2008

Diamond™ Order Code: JAN07 3789
ISBN: 1932664785

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