Jason & The Argobots v1 Birthquake

Jason & the Argobots, Vol. 1

J. TorresMike Norton


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What young boy doesn't wish for his very own giant robot? Every kid fantasizes of a mechanized friend that can tower over bullies and adults alike, take you to strange new places, and basically make you into the coolest kid on earth. Well, Jason's dreams are about to come true, or at least that's what he thinks when he finds a giant cybernetic hand sticking out of a crevasse near his desert home. What will his inventor grandfather and stubborn kid sister think of his ultimate toy? And what other trouble will the earthquakes that unearthed the giant machine man cause? Find out in this new collection from J. Torres, the critically acclaimed writer of The Copybook Tales, and GI Joe art director Mike Norton.


The Fourth Rail:

"[Jason and the Argobots] is a read that will resonate with kids and with those who still remember what it was like to be a kid, when it seemed possible that over every mountain there was a spaceship or a robot just waiting to take you away from all of this and drag you into a more exciting, more interesting world."


"Any comic book that propagates the fantasy that we might, some day, own our own giant robot is cool with us."


"It gives me a good idea of why some people love anything and everything with giant robots—although somehow I suspect that they can't all be as spectacular as this... I think most fans—both of robots and just good storytelling—are going to be quite happy.

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: Y (Youth)
Street Date: Jan 30, 2010

Diamond™ Order Code: APR03 2402
ISBN: 978-1-929998-55-5

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